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This is a half day (from 9:30 am to a 12:30 pm) of off-road adventure and fun.

You are placed in a group of four to six participants. After being met by your instructor and booking in you listen to a safety briefing including off road driving technique. Then it’s out to experience three different vehicles and course. 

Quad Obstacle Course Using a Yamaha 350cc 4x4 atv you will attempt our infamous obstacle course, negotiating, rumble strips, side risers and even a see saw. 

Power Turns are by far one of the craziest vehicles in our fleet. These wheelie machines have two engines and your controls consist of just two levers. Once you master the art of driving the power turn it

Jungle Run in a lifted Land Rover Defender 90 driving a tight twisty woodland course over rutted terrain.

Finally the morning finishes with the debrief and scores at the local pub over a two-course lunch, included in the price.

Power Turn
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