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Power Turn


Christmas offer 2 for the price of 1 £297

This is a full day (from 9:30 am to about 3:30 pm) of off-road adventure and fun, where you will be placed in a group of four to six participants. Six activities are attempted, three before and three after the two-course luncheon which we provide at the local pub: the Jungle Run or Meadow Meander; an off-road trials courses in a purpose-built buggy; two quad bike activities, the first on a Yamaha 125cc Grizzly over an obstacle course and the second a 450cc 4x4 Kodiak over challenging off road terrain, a speedy course in a 450cc rally kart and then a chance to drive a particularly unusual off-road vehicle, such as a twin-engined Power Turn that does wheelies. At the end of the event, a trophy is presented for the best overall score. Six or more friends may book as a group on any day of the week or date, subject to availability.

Grizzly focus_edited.jpg


10% off now £157

This session includes our largest vehicle, our full fat American monster truck 'Grizzly', and one of our smallest vehicles, the high speed drifting Gladiator rallykart.

Grizzly. Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive our star vehicle, a full size real American monster truck. After you climb up the ladder and get behind the wheel of the 7.4 V8 powered beast you'll complete a warmup lap, figure of eight laps around our arena, climbing over soil mounds and perching on a pair of cars!

Rallykarts. These 400cc karts are rear wheel drive and rear wheel braked making them tail happy around the corners. After a practice you'll head out again against the clock, but can you get around without spinning out.

You will be with us for approximately an hour and a half for this experience. There will be up to two other drivers in the group with you.



20% off for Christmas now £220

This is our top monster truck driving experience, and you get to drive four different vehicles in this session

The ‘Jungle Run’ in a lifted defender 90, you will be driving in tight woodland with only inches of space to spare, climbing over soil mounds, bumping through ruts and splashing through water.

The Roll over buggy this lightweight custom made, heavily modified 4x4 will go place no other vehicle can. You will be dropping off slopes, sliding around trees and then at the end of the drive have the opportunity to do a deliberate sideways roll the vehicle.

Euro spec monster truck ‘Black ice’ to negotiate a ‘green lane’ style course driving all round our 25 acre site including raised soil mounds and dug out pits in our heavily modified mk2 Hilux based monster with full custom transmission, huge 44’’ tires and 18’’ of suspension lift.

Grizzly The star vehicle of the experience our full size American spec monster truck. After meeting this 7.4 litre V8 beast you will complete laps around our arena including driving over a manmade mound and even a drive over two cars!

You will be on site for around two and a half hours and you will share this experience with up to two other people.

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15% off now £131

This session lasts for two hours, and you will be placed in a group with up to two other participants.

After a short, informative briefing session you will then drive  three different courses.

Meadow Meander driving a lifted Defender 90 or Kia jeep around our 25 acre site on the way round you'll be negotiating obstacle such a side riser, soil mounds and steep pits.

Jungle Run in a fully caged and modified Land Rover 90 Defender around a rutted woodland course splashing through water and squeezing between trees. 

Buggy Section. This is the vehicle that set this experience aside from others available. You'll be climbing aboard our heavily modified fully roll caged lightweight 4x4 buggy. These buggy's can go place the production 4x4's can't as they have no bodywork, oversized aggressive off road tyres, lifted suspension, full bucket seats and three point harnesses and you'll be wearing a crash helmet too. The course includes steep drops, a pole bridge, loose scrambling climbs and driving along a stream bed.

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20% off now £132

This experience gives you the chance to drive three different vehicles:-
Meadow meander driving a 2" lifted Land Rover defender 90, that meanders over a green-laning style track dropping into muddy holes, leaning over side angles and climbing over hills.
The Jungle Run in an off-road prepared Land Rover 90 in a woodland environment, driving through ruts, splashing through water and squeezing between tight gaps. There may also be the opportunity for your spectators to ride in the back.
Black Ice the star of this session. Our euro spec monster truck, fully rebuilt in 2022 an iconic MK2 Toyota Hilux running 18'' of suspension lift converted to coils, fully hydraulic steering and 44'' ground hawg tyres. You'll enjoy a drive all around our 25 acre site dropping in to pits and climbing over soil mounds along the way.

This experience lasts around two hours and will be shared with two other participants.

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