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The Ultimate car crush

This two hour one to one experience is the ultimate once in a life time opportunity for any hardcore monster truck fan. This is rare and unique experience which includes three different monstrous off road vehicles and culminates in crushing your own pair of cars with our full size American monster truck 'Grizzly'.

Once onsite you and up to five spectators will meet your instructor, sign in and listen to a safety and technique briefing, tea and coffee is available to you throughout your visit. 


After the briefing you'll head out in one of our Land Rover Defender 90's drive our jungle run course. The course is heavily wooded, tight, usually littered with deep puddles and splashes and has some acute hills and climbs which will get you used to driving up steep angles as you will be later when you mount the windscreens of the cars you'll be crushing.

The time out in the Land Rover also allows you to get used to your instructors style of teaching and our instructor to see how you respond to driving in tricky off road situations.


The second course you attempt is a more open green-lane style track, climbing over soil mounts and dropping down steep banks into wallows. The vehicle you'll be driving is the first of the monster trucks, our Euro spec heavily modified mk2 Toyota Hilux based monster truck 'Black Ice'. This truck has 18" of suspension lift, 3" of body lift and is running 44" tyres. Driving this truck makes for the perfect opportunity to get used to the handling characteristics and visibility issues faced with driving these large tyred lifted pickups. Like Grizzly, Black Ice also runs fully hydraulic steering so it's an the ideal chance to get to grips with this before stepping up to the big truck.


Next its time to climb into the big one. Grizzly is a proper car crushing old school monster truck built and raced in America through the 1980's. The body on top is a Chevrolet Silverado single cab pick up, the chassis is a bespoke build running 15 ton GMC truck axles and transfer box and powered by the iconic 454 cubic inch 7.4 litre big block Chevy V8 engine and running the enormous 66 inch Michelin mega bib tyres.


Your instructor will brief you at the truck telling you about trucks history and build and will also explain the differences in the behaviour of the controls compared with normal vehicles. An additional ground crew member will also join you at this stage with the purpose of helping you aboard, but most importantly to help you line up with our practice cars.

You will then drive a number of laps in our arena area including a practice lap, guess the width exorcise, reverse park and drive over large soil mounds and a pair of roll caged reinforced practice cars. The idea of the tasks completed during this session is to get you used to steep angles, lining up with objects and stopping on top of areas obscured from vision by the bonnet and tyres. You will attempt the practices cars multiple times before completing the crush to ensure you feel comfortable with both width assessing on line up and braking/stopping points required for the crush.


Finally you'll move to a pair of unreinforced cars for the crush. You will be crushing a pair of cars parked side by side driving nose to tail. Once at the cars you will join your instructor on the ground to discuss the final plan for crushing the cars. Next you climb abord again and set the line up for the crush. 
You will enjoy three thrilling passes over your cars to ensure maximum damage is inflicted by the 7.5-ton Grizzly. On the first pass you will hear the creasing of the bonnets as you mount the cars followed by the crack of the windscreens and collapse of the roofs, on the additional passes you will feel the truck drop down as the structure of the car gives way as you press the roof against the seats of the cars.


After the crush you'll have lots of time to pose with both the wrecked cars and the monster trucks. This truly is a unique once in a lifetime experience to join the elite few who've been lucky enough to become a real car crushing monster truck driver. ​

Duration: 2 hours

Vehicles: American Monster Truck, Euro spec monster truck, Land Rover Devender 90

People in group: 1

Price per person: £1,800

Availability: Any time subject to availability

Spectators allowed: 5

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