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The Big One monster truck driving

When you arrive on site signing in with refreshments takes place first. Then you and your co-participant head straight up to the course to be introduced to “‘Grizzly’” where your instructor will brief you. The briefing covers the build of the truck along with a little bit oh history of this 1980's real American monster truck and also the differences in the controls along wit the route and tasks you will attempt during your drive.


Now it's time for the driving. next a member of the ground crew will assist you in climbing the ladder and fit your three point harness and finally give you the all clear to go.

During the drive you will complete the following laps and Tasks:

  • Practice lap

  • Reverse bay park

  • Guess the width

  • Climb the mound

  • Drive over a pair of cars

  • Fast Lap

After the driving there will be plenty of opportunity to take lots of pictures and there may be the chance for your spectators to pose in the cab for a picture too.

Duration: 1 hour (approx. 15 mins driving time)

Vehicles: American Monster Truck

People in group: 2

Price per person: £170

Availability: Selected weekend dates from Spring to Autumn. (For out of season booking please contact us).

If there are more than 6 of you, you can select the date subject to availability

Spectators allowed: 2

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