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This session lasts for two hours, and you will be placed in a group with up to two other participants.

After a short, informative briefing session you will then drive  three different courses.

Meadow Meander driving a lifted Defender 90 or Kia jeep around our 25 acre site on the way round you'll be negotiating obstacle such a side riser, soil mounds and steep pits.

Jungle Run in a fully caged and modified Land Rover 90 Defender around a rutted woodland course splashing through water and squeezing between trees. 

Buggy Section. This is the vehicle that set this experience aside from others available. You'll be climbing aboard our heavily modified fully roll caged lightweight 4x4 buggy. These buggy's can go place the production 4x4's can't as they have no bodywork, oversized aggressive off road tyres, lifted suspension, full bucket seats and three point harnesses and you'll be wearing a crash helmet too. The course includes steep drops, a pole bridge, loose scrambling climbs and driving along a stream bed.

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