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Monster Truck Ride

For this experience you will be on site for approximately one hour. Upon arrival to the site riders will sign in, refreshments are available on our converted double decker bus throughout the session. Next you will listen to a short briefing telling you all about the truck and safety whilst at the site. Next you will be given a crash helmet and climb the ladder to one of the 8 seats in the back of the truck or if you've booked a cab ride you will join the driver in the passenger seat of the cab. Spectators can either remain in the briefing area or be escorted up the field to a viewing area next to the cars for the best photos.

The ride last for 15 minutes working it's way around our 25 acre site. It starts off gently and as the ride goes on the speed increases as do the  the bumps! During the ride you will climb over large soil mounds, bank across side slopes and even drive over a pair of cars.

After the ride, riders and spectators will have the opportunity to pose with the truck for pictures, or climb into the drivers seat to have a look at the controls and pose a picture. (Please note we don't provide any photography so make sure your phone's charged or bring your camera). 

Terms and conditions:-

  • Minimum age: 8yrs old

  • Riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is willing to except the responsibility of ensuring their child/ children remain seated with their seat belt on.

Duration: 1 hour at the site (15 min ride time)

Vehicles: American Monster Truck

People in group: 8

Price per person: £35

Availability: Selected weekend dates from Spring to Autumn. If there are more than 6 of you, you can select the date subject to availability

Spectators allowed: 2

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