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Little & Large

For this session you will be driving largest vehicle in our fleet, full size American monster truck 'Grizzly' and one of our smallest toys a 400cc rear wheel drive Gladiator rallykart.
After a signing in over tea and coffee you and your co-participants will listen to a short safety briefing, then it's out to the activities with your instructor. The drive in Grizzly usually comes first followed by a time trial in the rallykart to find out who the fastest driver is.
You can expect to be with us for one and a half hours and there will be up to two other participants in the group with you and your instructor.

The two vehicles and course used for Little & Large are:
Grizzly- Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive our star vehicle, a full size real American monster truck. After you climb up the ladder and get behind the wheel of the 7.4 V8 powered beast you'll complete a warmup lap, figure of eight laps around our arena, climbing over soil mounds and perching on a pair of cars!
Rallykarts- These 400cc karts are rear wheel drive and rear wheel braked making them tail happy around the corners. After a practice you'll head out again against the clock, but can you get around without spinning out​

Duration: 1.5 hours

Vehicles: American Monster Truck & Rallykart

People in group: 3

Price per person: £185

Availability: Selected weekend dates from Spring to Autumn. If there are more than 6 of you, you can select the date subject to availability

Spectators allowed: 2

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