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Below is a list of activities available at Leisure Pursuits. Each of our monster truck events and individuals experiences are made up from a combination of the below.


This is a woodland off road course where you will be driving a Land Rover 90, Daihatsu Fourtrack or a roll caged buggy. These vehicles have modified suspension, very aggressive tyres and tree protection cages. You will be driving in wooded areas with only inches of space down either side of the vehicle.

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This course is the introductory course of the experience. You will be driving a Kia jeep or Daihatsu Fourtrack. Both these vehicles have raised suspension keeping in the theme of ‘monster trucks’. During this course you will experience man made side slopes, short steep up and down hill sections and negotiate a wooded area.



Jungle Run must be completed before doing this course!
This course will challenge your 4x4 skills in a capable, purpose built, roll caged, trials buggy. The course is marked out with canes and you need to complete the experience without making any mistakes which will result in penalty points. The terrain is extreme including 6ft near vertical drops and driving along a stream bed.

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Whether it’s your first time on a quad or you’re an experienced rider, this course will keep you challenged. Using a 125cc Yamaha Grizzly ATV, you will be negotiating obstacles such as raised side risers, the rolling road, a steep see saw and even a limbo bar. But you will need to get round without any mistakes to stay ahead of your team.



Quad Obstacle Course must be completed for doing this course.
With your quad skills now finely tuned from the obstacle course, practice time is well and truly over. You will now be riding a 450cc 4x4 Yamaha Kodiak ATV, around a course marked with canes and some extreme natural terrain including branches to duck under 5ft near vertical drops and steep assents. However, can you get round with out touching or obliterating any of those canes?

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These can be chosen on corporate sessions, they are included as part of the off road challenge day or available as an optional extra on group sessions.
This vehicle is like nothing you have driven before. It has two engines (one on each side). In order to master this crazy machine you will need to balance the throttles to get the vehicle round the coned course without knocking any of the cones down, but watch out, too much power and you pop a wheelie.

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These karts are very different to the small indoor karts you may have driven in the past. Powered by a 400cc Honda engine with rear wheel drive and rear wheel brakes. You will need to get the kart round the course faster than anyone else but as you push the accelerator harder you move that bit closer to the 360 spin that will cost you vital seconds!

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Can you maintain control of this mean machine over our rugged off-road course, pitting your wits against the clock and knowing that every mistake could cost you vital seconds? After each driver’s race laps, the red flag is out. As he stops in the pit area your team releases him from the kart. The next driver leaps into the hot seat, the others strap him in and jump clear, and away he goes. The clock only stops when the last team member has competed his laps and is back with the rest of the team in the safety zone



This is the chance to get behind the wheel of a Euro Spec Monster Truck. 
'Black Ice' is based on the iconic MK2 Toyota Hilux, with many modifications. To list a few, Black Ice has a fibre glass tipping rear tub, 3'' of body lift, one of only a few HiLux's with coil suspension all round, boasting 18'' of suspension lift, fully hydraulic steering a R380 Land Rover drop box, Land Rover axles and running Mach 5 wheels with huge 44” Ground Hawg tyres.
On this course you'll enjoy a drive taking you all over our 25-acre site, tackling obstacles along the way such as soil mounds and steep holes to drop into.

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Now its time to drive our star vehicle, a full size 7.5ltr V8 American monster truck, with 5ft 5' tall tyres weighing in at 8ton. After being introduced to Grizzly and a short technique briefing, you climb up a ladder and we strap you inside the roll caged cab. You will drive laps of our arena including driving over two saloon cars. This is a truly memorable experience.

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A most peculiar vehicle designed and built in our workshops, with two independently-steered axles. What is more, the two steering wheels are incorporated into the seats! Co-operation between the two participants is vital, as each twists and turns on his or her stool, attempting to maneuver the beast through a course marked out with cones.



Another activity where communication is paramount! Can you direct a blindfolded colleague around a twisty, hilly section of terrain?



May optionally be followed by Reliant Surprise. This pile of bits actually makes a Reliant Robin, when assembled in the right way and in the correct sequence. But your team will be timed while you work on it, and it has to be drivable when you have finished with it!

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This looks like a Reliant Robin, and drives like one too; except for a fiendish twist!

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Designed to be followed by Jungle Run or Blindfold Driving. You will need the vehicle to drive the next course, but it’s tied up with thick, heavy rope! Both ends of the rope are fixed, so the only way to free it is to loosen the knots and drive the vehicle through the ensuing loops. But which loop first, and which way should you go through it? The whole team will need to work together, driving, loosening knots, and puzzling out the right approach.



Grizzly is a full size American spec’ monster ride truck, with tyres measuring five and a half feet tall and a 7.5 litre V8 Chevrolet engine. Sat high up in the back of Grizzly on one of 8 purpose built seats you can enjoy a thrilling ride as Grizzly roars along.



Now you have got used to Driving Grizzly its time for the car crush. The instructor will take you to your own set of cars and talk you through the crush procedure. You will then line up ready for you first pass over the cars, this is where the most damage will be inflicted on the cars. You will then continue back for another two passes until the cars are well and truly flat. This is a unique once in a life time opportunity guaranteed to get your heart pumping fast!!!

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This is a challenging trials section where at the end of the course you have the unique opportunity to deliberately sideways roll! You will be driving a class two modified roll caged trials buggy. The course is marked out with canes and your challenge is to get the vehicle around without touching or obliterating the marker cane. During this session you will negotiate crossing ruts, drive along a stream bed and try to cross a challenging log bridge, without getting stuck!

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Below is a list of activities available at Leisure Pursuits that do not involve vehicles.


Looking for a non motorised activity, which gets the adrenalin going? Why not have a try at abseiling? Whether you have been before or it is your first time you are in safe hands! Using one of our purpose-built abseiling towers, each with steps up the inside you will then drop 12.5m in the safety of your harness and safety equipment.



Archery is the perfect mix in a multi-activity day. Our experienced instructors will teach you about the equipment and its proper use before letting you test your skills. An enjoyable experience and great for building a team.



Your team arrive to a pile of bolts, bungie straps and pieces of wood on the floor. You need to turn these parts in to a device for launching an egg, you'll need to get to work fast though as your contraption not only needs to be complete and tested in the allotted time but able to launch the egg further than the other team’s machines.



Teams must work together to build a tower of crates that supports two participants on top. The higher the tower, the more it wobbles! This popular and fun activity encourages team working and helps individuals improve their balance and coordination.

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