Muddy great start event

The Off-Road Challenge Day
Spring Offer: 2 for the price of 1 at £275
This is a full day (from 9:30 am to about 3:30 pm) of off-road adventure and fun, where you will be placed in a group of four to six participants. Six activities are attempted, three before and three after the two-course luncheon which we provide at the local pub: the Jungle Run or Meadow Meander; an off-road trials courses in a purpose-built buggy; two quad bike activities, the first on a 125cc Breeze over an obstacle course and the second a 450cc 4x4 Kodiak over challenging off road terrain, a speedy course in a 450cc rally kart and then a chance to drive a particularly unusual off-road vehicle, such as a twin-engined Power Turn that does wheelies. At the end of the event, a trophy is presented for the best overall score. Six or more friends may book as a group on any day of the week or date, subject to availability.
Offer ends on 01/06/2018
Call 01342 825522 to book.

Muddy great start event

The Big One
Spring Special was £159 now only £125
Here is an opportunity to drive a full size American-Spec Monster Truck. After meeting your co-participant, you will be introduced to “Grizzly”, and then you will drive a warm-up lap, reverse into a coned garage, and then drive a further practice lap before driving over two “police” cars.
Offer ends on 01/06/2018
Call 01342 825522 to book.

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