Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact out of hours?

Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

If your query is urgent and you need to contact us on the weekend about your event, please call and leave a message. We check messages daily and will contact you if you query is urgent.

What clothing is required?

We provide all necessary safety equipment. Please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing, and shoes that provide sufficient support on uneven, off-road terrain.

What are the restrictions?

Participants on Monster Truck experiences must be 18 or over. Participants on other adult events must be aged 16 or over with driving experience. If under 18, they must be accompanied by a guardian. Please let us know if an intended participant is over two metres tall, or over 20 stones in weight, so that we can advise on suitable activities.

Can someone with a medical condition take part?

We recommend that participants check with their own doctor if they have a condition (including pregnancy!) that could be adversely affected by driving a range of vehicles over bumpy off-road terrain.

You will be asked to sign a disclaimer to say that you participate at you own risk and our terms and conditions advise that this is your responsibility to check any health issues.

What about spectators?

Up to two spectators per participants are welcome to attend and add to the enjoyment of the day. There is a £18 charge for guests on events that include lunch. Please note that there are no indoor viewing areas, and spectators follow the event from course to course. All spectators need to know that off-road vehicles are driving on our site and that they attend at their own risk. Spectators may also be asked to sign a disclaimer.

What is your bookings changes and cancellation policy?

Once a date has been agreed and the participants voucher, bookings and dates are not transferable unless the booking is changed by telephone within the five days from the original booking. This exludes all last minute bookings made within the 14 day period before the date of the experience.

14 or more days to date of the event

At least 14 days notice must be given before the booked date, a £25 administration charge will be incurred if a transfer is required.

14 to 7 days to date of the event

If less than 14 days and more than 7 days notice is given a 30% charge of the total experience will be incurred to transfer the date.

7 days or less to date of event

If less than 7 days notice is given a 50% charge of the total experience will be incurred to transfer the date or the value of the voucher will be lost.

If cancellation insurance has been purchased then the participant should check the terms with the voucher supplier.

For a genuine late cancellation/transfer, participants can provide a written explanation and support this with documentary evidence within one month of the original date for the case to be considered and a free transfer offered.

What happens if there are severe weather warnings?

In extreme weather conditions we reserve the right to substitute courses or vehicles for similar ones. Where possible we will contact you in advance to advise you of any changes.

Due to the nature of off road driving it is generally more fun in the rain and bad weather, however, there are some occasions where we will have to cancel an event.

Snow is one of the main reasons that an event might be cancelled. We will endeavour to contact all customers as soon as possible to cancel the event. In some situations this may be on the day of the event as the instructors may have to take a view on the day. If this is the situation we will contact you as early as possible on the day.

If we cancel your event do not fear, we will contact you the next working day with a list of available dates that you can rebook your experience. If your voucher is due to expire do not worry, we will honour your voucher for a full year from the date that the event is cancelled.

If you are worried about your event being cancelled due to the weather, please contact us via telephone. If it is on a weekend, please leave a message and we will get back to you that day.

What happens if there is a breakdown?

All our vehicles are maintained to high standard however occasionally things get broken. If a vehicle breaks down during or on the day of the event we reserve the right to substitute a vehicle for a similar vehicle. 

If Grizzly breaks down unfortunately we don’t keep a spare full size monster truck. We always have a mechanical team on site on event days and if we can fix it we will. If we can’t fix it, and you are on the way to our site we will try to contact on the number you’ve provided.

If you’re already on site we will check your contact details in order to book another date. If we have to cancel you due to a break down your voucher will be extended for one year from the date you were due to attend and we will send you a list of dates to rebook your experience.

Please note if we have to cancel you due to a break down we are not liable for any hotel or fuel charges you incur.

Can we bring children?

We advise that our site is not suitable for young children, however, if you would like to bring your children they will need to be supervised by and adult over the age of 18 at all times.

Our site is not pram accessible so they would need to either walk or be carried.

Our site is about 3 min walk from the car park and there will be vehicles driving around our fields so supervision is necessary.

Is there disabled access?

Unfortunately as we are an off road driving centre and are located in the woodland there is no wheel chair access to our site.

Our site is approx 3 min walk from the car park where we will meet you. The walk to the site is over uneven terrain and can get very slippery and muddy in winter.

What do I do if I am injured or ill?

Unfortunately as we are an off road driving centre and are located in the woodland there is no wheel chair access to our site.

If you are ill or injured you need to contact us as soon as possible so that we can cancel the booking. You will then need to provide us with a doctors or hospital letter confirming that you are unable to take part in the experience. Once this has been received we will contact you to rebook the appointment.

If your voucher has expired but you have already sent it to us then we will honour the voucher for a year from the date of cancellation.

If you can not provide a doctor or hospital letter then the cancellation policy will apply.

What if my voucher has expired?

if your voucher has been purchased through an agency (not directly with Leisure Pursuits), then you will need to contact the agency that you have purchased the voucher through to ask if they will extend this for your.

If you have purchased your voucher directly with us we will extend your voucher however an admin charge will apply, please contact us for details.

Please note vouchers are not tranferable or refundable.

Do I need a driving licence?

No you do not need a driving licence to take part in our experiences, however, you must have experience of driving a manual vehicle

Can I bring my own vehicle?

No. Unfortunately we can not accommodate this at our site.

Do you have any other sites that I can drive the monster truck?

No, we are the only centre in the uk that you can drive an American Monster Truck.

Will you come to me to run activities?

Yes we will. If you have sufficient land then we can bring our vehicles to you.

Some vehicles are easily transported like our Rallykarts and Power Turns, where as other vehicles are not so easily moved like Grizzly. We would also take into consideration our courses as some that we have created have taken several months to develop.

If you would like to hold an event at your venue. Please contact us so that we can provide you a quotation.

Do you run events for children?

Yes. We run children’s events through our sister company youngdrive which is on the same site as leisure pursuits. For more information regarding children’s events please visit

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