RallyKart Time Trials

<b>RallyKart Time Trials</b>These karts are very different to the small indoor karts you may have driven in the past. Powered by a 400cc Honda engine with rear wheel drive and rear wheel brakes. You will need to get the kart round the course faster than anyone else but as you push the accelerator harder you move that bit closer to the 360 spin that will cost you vital seconds!

Main Briefing

When you arrive you will sign a safety disclaimer and will be given name badges and score cards (if appropriate). In this briefing you will be given an overview of the activities which you have chosen and general site safety.

If score cards are given out you need to keep these with you or the instructor may have a group score card depending on the group size. This is like your driving licence, points on this licence are essentially like points on your driving licence, the less points that you have the better you are doing. The points are given for missed obstacles, knocking over cones and making errors, these points are given by the instructor.

Spectators and participants who are waiting for their turn will also be given a safe place to view the activity from which will usually be behind tyres.

Vehicle Briefing

Once you get to the vehicle you will have a short informative briefing about the Rallykart.

The instructor will go through the controls of the vehicle and the various safety features of the kart including how to strap in.

This vehicle is pretty straight forward to operate, just like an indoor go-kart, you have a go peddle and a stop peddle.

Course Description

The course is marked out by coned gates and the start finish is marked out by 4 cones of a different colour which make a square box.

You will be strapped in to the kart and then we will send you out for a practice lap to get you used to the vehicle controls and the course. You will then be sent to race against the clock to see if you can get the fastest time.

The aim of this activity is to go as fast as you can around our course without knock over any cones or miss any gates. If a cone or gate is missed then 2 seconds will be added to your time. If you over shoot the start finish box 5 seconds will be added to your time.

Keeping this mean machine on the track is trickier  than it sounds, especially if the grass is wet as you will find the kart slipping and sliding all over the place and maybe even some 360° spins.

If you are in a larger group of 12 or more then you may want to try our RallyKart Pit Stop.

Image Gallery

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