Meadow Meander

<b>Meadow Meander</b> This course is the introductory course of the experience. You will be driving a Kia jeep or Daihatsu Fourtrack. Both these vehicles have raised suspension keeping in the theme of ‘monster trucks’. During this course you will experience man made side slopes, short steep up and down hill sections and negotiate a wooded area.

Main Briefing

When you arrive you will sign a safety disclaimer and will be given name badges and score cards (if appropriate). In this briefing you will be given an overview of the activities which you have chosen and general site safety.

If score cards are given out you need to keep these with you or the instructor may have a group score card depending on the group size. This is like your driving licence, points on this licence are essentially like points on your driving licence, the less points that you have the better you are doing. The points are given for missed obstacles, knocking over cones and making errors, these points are given by the instructor. 

Vehicle Briefing

When you get to the vehicle the instructor will talk about off road driving technique, ramp over angle, departure angles and approach angles.

You will also be shown the vulnerable points on the vehicle and where the most damage normally occurs.

Spectators and participants who are waiting for their turn will also be given a safe place to view the activity from which will be from behind a wall of tyres.

Course Description

When you get into the vehicle the instructor will go through the controls with you.

Firstly, you will need to contend with our left wheel side riser making one side of the vehicle raise so if you are in the back make sure that you are holding on tight unless you want to end up in the lap of the person next to you!

Then we move onto the mound which dosnt look like much until you reach the peak and hover just a moment to see the huge drop infront of you where we have dug a huge dip which is inclined to fill with water to create a large splash over the bonnet.

You will then be negotiating ruts and will learn how to cross rutts correctly to avoid getting stuck in them!

Next we have a right wheel side riser so you will need to be holding on again.

After that you have another mound and dip to contend with before trying our challenging woodland wiggle.

The woodland wiggle will take all of the skills that you have learnt so far and put them to the test with a very tight tree line and various side slopes and difficult terrain to deal with.

Finally you will then attempt a failed hill accent using off road techniques and then back to the start finish to find out how you have done

Image Gallery

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