Jungle Run

<b>Jungle Run</b>This is a woodland off road course where you will be driving a Land Rover 90, Daihatsu Fourtrack or a roll caged buggy. These vehicles have modified suspension, very aggressive tyres and tree protection cages. You will be driving in wooded areas with only inches of space down either side of the vehicle.

Main Briefing

When you arrive you will be asked to sign a safety disclaimer and will be given name badges and score cards (if appropriate). In this briefing you will be given an overview of the activities which you have chosen and general site safety.

If score cards are given out you need to keep these with you or the instructor may have a group score card depending on the group size. This is like your driving licence, points on this licence are essentially like points on your driving licence, the less points that you have the better you are doing. The points are given for missed obstacles, knocking over cones and making errors, these points are given by the instructor. 

Vehicle Briefing

When you get to the vehicle the instructor will talk about off road driving technique, ramp over angle, departure angles and approach angles.

You will also be shown the vulnerable points on the vehicle and where the most damage normally occurs.

Spectators and participants who are waiting for their turn will also be given a safe place to view the activity from which will be from behind a wall of tyres.

Course Description

When you get into the vehicle the instructor will go through the controls with you.

There are several routes through our Jungle run, each one has obstacles to overcome. Be it avoiding trees through our tight woodland wiggle, navigating over large mounds or traversing rutts there is something in the jungle run for everyone.

The main aim of this activity is to avoid any tree surgery! For every tree that is hit or if our instructor has to kill the engine before we hit a tree, points will be gained. The fewer points you have, the better you are doing.

You can also get the vehicle stuck in this section if you do not listen to your instructor, so if you get stuck and have to be towed out this will also give you points unless unavoidable!

Image Gallery

Jungle Run1Jungle Run2Jungle Run3Jungle Run4
Jungle Run5Jungle Run6

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